being single…

I am almost scared to say it out loud but I like it, being single.  I like sleeping alone at night, making snow angels in the middle of the bed.  I like not having to compromise.  I like going to the movie I want to see and the restaurant I like to eat at… I like sitting around with my hair a mess and no makeup on.  I like smoking and drinking as much as I like… I like watching what I want to see on television.  I like just doing what I want.  So if I like being single so much, why am I looking to date online?  Well I do miss having a man in my life, when I’m sick or when I’m going through something with my parents (in case you didn’t know they’re both sick).  When something great is happening in my life or something I hate to do around the house needs to be done, i.e. trash being put out, the house needing to be painted, car washed, etc.  I also like a man being around when I need to be taking care of, you know a bike ride.

The truth of the matter is as much as I would love to have an Idris Elba, Shemar Moore, Laz AlansoChiwetel Ejiofor, Columbus Short,  or Mike Colter in my life, I’m not ready.  I have a lot of things to work on in my life and a lot of work to still do on me before I can get into any type of relationship.   So until I’m ready, I’m in no hurry.  When I’m ready and able, I will be in a relationship.  If I got into one before then, it would be like all the rest, when I meet the guy, instead of thinking of our wedding day, I will be thinking about how and when we will break up.  I’m not ready.  I think as women that is something we have a hard time adjusting to… we are taught from the minute they “it’s a girl” that we are supposed to be married and have children.  We hear in Fairy tales and see it in teen dramas and later chic flicks.  We are supposed to have a family and settle down.  Well I tried it and I wasn’t ready.  Even if the bastard hadn’t cheated on me, we would still be divorced by now because I wasn’t ready.

My advice to you single ppl reading my blog is get ready BEFORE you get in a relationship.  You have nothing but time 🙂

❤ and Later Days,



5 thoughts on “being single…

  1. I’ve missed your writing Kay!! You have always given me the very best advice. 🙂 If I ever go visit PA Guy…I’m scheduling some time with you too!! (He lives in Langhorne…do you know it??)

    1. I’ve missed writing, other than for school I haven’t lifted a finger to type a word. I have written some stray blogs here and there but nothing else. I do know where Langhorne is, it’s the home of Sesame Place. I would love to see you and I wish you well with PA Guy 🙂

  2. Great post! I (most of the time) enjoy the single life. Call me selfish, but i love never having to compromise. And also i know that any mistakes i make/made in my life only affect ME, i’m not imposing my failings on anyone else.
    So what if society expects people (men or women) to get married and have kids? let people expect what they will, even talk behind our backs if they want. Everyone lives their own life according to their own needs.

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