you ever wonder when???

Have you ever wondered when is it your turn?  Your turn to be happy?  Your turn to live your life the way you want? When will you fix the things that have been broke in you?  I do, all the time.  I tell men all the time when I meet them, I hate romantic comedies.  What I never tell them is why.  I hate them, it’s because I don’t believe they are real.  Romantic comedies are as real to me as the Borg on Star Trek (hell yes I’m a Trekkie).  Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m blessed in so many ways.  But I’m waiting and working toward more and it feels like I’m on a habitrail sometimes.  I look at those movies with the guy who treats the girl shitty, realises his mistake and does everything in the last 25 minutes of the movie to fix it, to let her know she’s the one.  That he can’t live without her and I think… That’s such BULLSHIT!  In real life he would never chase her, he’d think “oh well, she doesn’t want me, fine on to the next one.”  And it’s not just me, I read other blogs from single women and men and they are all preaching the same shit.  I have my quirks but I am a DAMN good woman.  I cook, I clean, I keep it sexy.  I’m great in bed (don’t believe me, I have references).  If you’re sick I make you well, I compromise when in a relationship.  I get and keep the best jobs and when I leave one I have an even better one lined up ready for me to start after a 3 week Vacation.  I travel, I’m well read, I speak eloquently.  I compliment my partner and I cheer him on when he needs it, I’m real with him when he needs grounding and I’m not really all that picky when it comes to what type of man I want to be with.  I just ask for love, support, honesty and respect.  You would think I was asking for a damn Blood Diamond or a star out of the sky.  They want support but don’t give it, they want the things I mentioned but don’t want to give it.  It’s crazy.  I’m working on myself and they think there is nothing wrong with their Cray cray ass.

I’m not giving up, I working on me but damn in the mean time in between time can I date some nice guys?

Just pondering some shit – Love and Later Days,



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