Guys I want your honest opinion…

Okay, I haven’t been getting many hits on my profile lately, all of maybe, let me count… none.  So I’m posting my profile and want you to read it and critique it, let me have it and give me suggestions on what I should add or take away.  I’m serious… because my pics are good but I suck at talking about myself like most online daters, so for your horror reading pleasure my profile:

Hi my name is Kay. I am originally from Philly and I’m a divorced mother of two. I like Football and Basketball, coronas, laughing, traveling and spending time with my family. I like impromptu BBQs when the weather is nice. I’m looking for a serious relationship and figured with me being new to the area, this is an easy way to meet someone, race isn’t important.

If you like the things I listed above and are interested in getting to know me, send me an email.
I know you probably hear this all the time but I’m a pretty fun person to be around. I believe in living a life of no regrets, because of this I try new things and travel to new places just for the heck of it. I’m not just looking for dates, I’m also looking for friends to help me navigate the single scene down here too.

So after your eyes stop bleeding, send me plenty o’ comments, lol.  I’ll be waiting with a low ball of ice-cold vodka.  Thanks guys…

❤ and Later Days,



5 thoughts on “Guys I want your honest opinion…

  1. I dunno…I think it’s pretty good!! Lol. But…then again, I’m not a guy. I think you sound fun and laid-back. The only critique I would have is that a man might be a little confused that in the first paragraph you say you are looking for a serious relationship…but at the end you say you are open to meeting friends too. I understand what you are trying to say…but it is a weensy bit contradictory…

  2. Hey, thought I’d leave a comment, hope it’s ok. Firstly, I am a man so hope this helps…
    It’s a bit too self-doubting / apologetic. I.e “I know you probably hear this all the time” – to me this would make the profile stand out, but to a lot of people I know it would seem un-confident. Maybe try giving examples of where you have travelled to rather than stating that you like travelling. My profile for example says I love travelling but backed up with where my favourite places are and / or anecdote depending on how long the profile already is. It is pretty much the thing that will make it stand out, a long list of “I like music, travelling, sport, being spontaneous” is really what every other girl / woman puts 🙂
    Hope this helps?
    – Az

    1. yes dearme it does help and no worries about comments, If I didn’t want any I wouldn’t blog, lol. So what would you put if not “I know you probably here that a lot.”? I don’t want general, I want stuff I can plagiarize, lol. O btw, thanks for your comments.

      1. Well, personally, I wouldn’t put it at all. Guys love confident and strong women as much as women love strong and confident guys! If you want to keep it then you could change the tone to humour? Something like “I am x and y and z, but who doesn’t say they aren’t, right? haha”. It’s very difficult to convey humour and emotion via just text though.
        All the best,

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