Monthly Archives: May 2012

Can’t change anything right now…

Okay, so let’s see my electric was turned off for two weeks because of a clerical error and I had to wait for them to sort it out, while the food in my freezer rotted away.  My mom is in rehab, learning to speak, walk, and dress herself again, you know shit we take for granted daily.  I was in a motorcycle accident which caused me to leave a shit load of my skin in Southwest Philadelphia (hey at least it wasn’t brain matter) and I have been healing up for the past two weeks.  I have been running ragged between, classes (which ended on the 1st) and hospitals (yes plural, my mom has been to three different ones so far) and her rehab facility.  The move to SC has been moved back 2.5 years and recently been moved up seven months.  I will be using that time to better my credit score.  Um what else??? Oh yeah my daughters’ have both had a growth spurt which means they have nothing to wear other than their uniforms and I have to find some money to take them clothes and shoe shopping.  I own two pairs of jeans because my fat ass has lost some weight (not eating, stressing, the usual) so I have no clothes.

So I have decided to do what any other mother on the brink of losing it would do… I have asked my sister to watch the kids, I have rented a car for the weekend and I am driving to Jersey to go clubbing in AC.  I’m going to pick my daughters up from school, drop them at my sister’s, get my 24-year-old niece from work, changing clothes at her apartment, going to dinner and hitting the highway.  I will dance until my feet are sore, I will dance until I am not thinking of moving to MYRTLE BEACH or sick parents, bills, summer camps that need to be paid, children arguing about the remote or moving costs.  I will laugh and sing off-key, I will for one night be simply Kay.  Not a parent, not a child of sick parents, not a nursing student, not a single mom but just Kay.  All the other stuff can keep for one night.  The next day, I will drive home, pick up my kids, kiss them tell them I love em and start back to my normal madness but for one night.  I will be a single, hot, 35-year-old dressed inappropriately with too high heels on having a good time.  Right now I can’t change anything but if I don’t start getting some down time soon, I will go nuts.

Later Days,