Rants, Raves and Reality Shows…

Sorry to my dear readers in advance.

I am so sick of reality shows, which are very rarely based in reality… and least (thank God) not mine. What started in the nineties as a fad, has since become this horrible monstrosity. It was bad enough watching complete strangers argue over bullshit but now, “b” to “d” list actors are getting in on it. Why, u may ask, do they annoy me so? One, because they turn celebrities I used to like into these petty, selfish, ego maniacs. Okay, maybe they don’t actually turn them… more like shine a spotlight on their worst qualities. Case in point, Tia and Tamera Mowry. The only thing good about that show is I learned to pronounce their last name. Idk  whether it’s editing (I really hope it is) or whether it’s true but Tia comes across as a nasty, selfish bully. She treats her twin like shit and runs through life as if she is the first working mother in history.  Tamera comes across as insecure and seems to ALWAYS need Tia’s approval. Don’t get me started about the Kardashians or the Braxtons. I will be so glad when this type of fake tv is off the air. I barely even watch an hour of tv anymore and when I do it’s reruns of shows I grew up on. Please get rid of this crap and take 3D with it.

Ok, I’m done. (Climbing down off soapbox, drops Mic and walks off stage).

Love and Later Day,


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