Why I hate love stories…

I sat here today watching The Mirror has two faces and it came to me.  They always give the impression that boy meets girl, boy and girl have a disagreement which ends the relationship. Boy/girl realizes they can’t live without the other person. They get back together and lived happily ever after. It’s all bullshit.

If someone is taking u for granted they continue to take u for granted. If u leave that person, they move onto someone else they can take advantage of because normally they are a selfish ass.

These movies send the message that u need to change the person you are or the person you’re with to be happy.  And that it’s actually possible to change another person, I got news for u… unless that person wants to change it’s not happening. I just hate that they push this crap on ppl. They eat it up, believe it and feel like failures when it doesn’t manifest.

Later Days,


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