Just to be clear…

Ok, before u ask, I am not drunk posting or texting ten million words a minute. I just realized that I had a shit load of posts sitting locally in my drafts. In other words my dumb ass forgot to hit publish.

What u have missed, mom has been back in the hospital. She has been there since March 30, she came home two weeks ago. Had a scary episode today and we are now back in the ER.

Have to get in touch with the school so I can start my distance learning course (I guess I will get my BSN so I can become an RN before I’m 65 years old.

Decides I don’t want to internet date anymore. I’ll save up my pennies for a matchmaker. Figure
a better dating pool and I’m a little less likely to end up bricked up in a wall somewhere ala Poe.

Still trying to get this interstate move together, sigh.

I know it seems hectic but as long as I keep moving, I won’t think.

Love and later days,


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