Pretty screwed up…

I know you’ve heard me bitch before about love stories. But this last month I have been doing a lot of soul searching and I’ve been putting myself and other things under a microscope. One thing is, I’m angry… REALLY angry. Two, I’m drinking a LOT lately.  Three… I hate fucking love stories. They are really twisted and always have been.  I think that’s why so many ppl have screwed up views about relationships and love in general.

Take for instance, Romeo and Juliet. Two kids wanna be together. They think their parents won’t approve because of some dumb ass feud. So do they try to reason with their folks? Nope. The kill themselves.

Another one, from 1986, called Violets are Blue. Kevin Kline is this reporter of a small town paper his family owns. Sissy Spacek is his ex-  girlfriend. They meet up again after about 13 years. Keline is now married to Bonnie Bedelia, they have kid. Spacek is a world renowned photojournalist.

You guessed it, they end up screwing all over town. He begs her to stay. She says no. Instead, she asks him to come with her (she has a gig lined up). He says sure. He goes home tells her he’s going to take the gig with Spacek. Bonnie not being an idiot, tells if FOH, if ur going go… but be a man, tell the truth. The douchebag gets to the airport to meet up with the ho-bag, gets all misty eyed and says, wait for it… “… I can’t”.

WHAT! Wait, u mean to tell me, you can invite ur exgirl to ur house, meet ur wife and kid. Openly screw this bitch all around town. Humiliate your wife because everybody knows it. Try to get ur wife to beg ur trifling ass to stay. Then say, u can’t?

By the music I could tell they wanted u to feel sorry for these two miserable bastards. To hell with the wife and kid. His responsibilities, the vows he took. Smh.

I hate love stories…

Love and later days,


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