I have a girlfriend that I text everyday because she lives in Vegas. We talk about the same shit I bitch about here in my posts.

I have sworn off of internet dating because it’s not really geared toward black singles. I, personally date any race, height or profession. As long as the guy is fun, easy to talk to, likes me, good in bed and respects me; I’m cool. Good looks don’t hurt but not high on my list. But a lot of folks treat internet dating like shopping. They’re looking for something specific and because of a whole hell of a lot of stereotypes, most of which are kept alive through the media and directors like Tyler Perry (love u Tyler but u do), so black women are viewed as angry, ignorant, aggressive bitches. We are seen as the boogy-man of dating. Because of this any man who has never dated a black woman is, most of the time, unwilling to and the ones who have decide they wanna try other races.  Not saying that there aren’t men who do date us via online dating, just saying it’s a small pool and with every year that passes, the pool gets smaller.

I was going to just wait until I relocate and then sign up with a matchmaking service because they meet you in person I have a better chance of dating the kind of guy I like… what can I say, I come across better in person than I do in print.  Anywho my gf, who we will call Diva, (not because she is one but it does fit), she has decided to start internet dating and I thought it would be cool to do it together. We could encourage each other when it’s not going right and slow each other down if we’re moving too fast.
So now I’m going back to and I have a match buddy.

Wish me luck.



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