Day 3…

I was honestly thinking I would wake up sore from doing an hour of Zumba yesterday but I felt okay. Doing it again tonight but only for 40 minutes.

For those of u who are sick of me talking about me trying to lose these 20 or 30 lbs, here is some of what u signed up for… I’m going to be doing Speed Dating on Wednesday, that is, if my sister shows up. We haven’t spoken since last Monday and she has yet to answer text about her availability on Wednesday (p.s. she hasn’t been here since my mom came back from her most recent hospital visit last Monday). She will probably pull the “Okie Doke” on me and tell me she can’t be here until Thursday but guess what the event is both Wednesday and Thursday, so the jokes on her.

Should I make it out Wednesday, I will post about who I may have met, if anyone… curious to see who shows up to these things. I plan on doing Zumba right before I leave because I feel so energized afterwards.

I will let u know how I make out.

Love and Later Days,



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