Drinking made easy…

I have to say I love, LOVE this show. For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, it is about three guys and a stuffed monkey named Pleepleus (I think that’s the spelling), going city to city trying out different drinks at different bars with historical backgrounds. So far my favorite drink would be the Bacon martini. It’s made from Bacon infused vodka. I speak about my family, old loves, ex-boyfriend (not the same thing), single parenting, my books I will probably never finish, business endeavors and my sick parents. Ooo, Ooo forgot weight loss but never my love for pork or my obsession with bacon. If it were legal, I would marry bacon. My favorite episode of Iron Chef is the one where they have the bacon challenges but I digress.

I was going to do this whole letter writing campaign to get them to come to Philly, turns out they have already been here and although it has been quite informative, they skipped over some really great bars. Do they have historical relevance, um don’t know but they do have mighty fine drinks, lmfao. So now I am off to find some cool bars and write the shit out of the show to get them to come back, maybe they will call it Philly part dos. If I’m leaving my great city… damn it I’m going to try to leave with a bang!

The only thing I wish more than that, is that I created that show 😦

Love and later days,



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