Speed Dating…

I have a speed dating event tmrw. I have no clue what to expect that there are supposed to be singles there between 24 and 37. Weird age group for mingling right. I have dated Timberlands before (nickname I use for young guys) and we rarely have things in common. Hell, I rarely have things in common with men my age, which is why I normally don’t date men my age. I normally date older guys.

Anywho, I am excited about the event, even though when I first brought up the topic in a post a year ago, one of my blog buddies kinda discouraged me from doing it. I just feel as though I’m better in person than on paper. As far as my previous post, the one about not knowing what I would do about a probable dating someone before I relocated to SC, I figure I will cross that bridge when/if I get to it. Why make myself cray cray for no reason. I haven’t dated anyone new since me and Tv Guy broke up for good last June. I had a bike ride buddy or two in the last couple of months but nothing serious, so why worry about something that will probably never happen.

Later Days,



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