I’m a sports fan Damnit!!!

I love contact sports only, so shit like baseball, Indy 500 and golf are all lost on me. I am so much of a fan that I am getting the Dallas Cowboys star tattooed on me. Yeah that much love.

I have been watching the Rocky movies all day yesterday, all I can say is I wish Boxing was as good as those movies. You can watch boxing all night and not see a fight between boxers like you see with Rocky and Apollo Creed. The most exciting fight I’ve seen to date is the Bernard Hopkins fight when the young guy turned it into a damn wrestling match, lmao.

That being said… wtf is Rocky Balboa’s first name? I always assumed it was Robert because in Rocky II Adrian says she wants to name the baby after his father. You find out in III, IV, V and Rocky Balboa the ungrateful brat’s name.

Love and Later Days,



2 thoughts on “I’m a sports fan Damnit!!!

  1. I love the Rambo/Rocky movies. This weekend IFC is hosting a marathon of all his moves. CAN YOU SAY RECORD! Bridgette 🙂

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