Speed Dating update…

Funny how things work out. I went to my speed dating event and noticed right away that it seem… off. The bar it was being hosted in was way too small to have 10 to 30 singles as the ad boasted. The other thing was there were on 6 ppl there including me. I figured there was an upstairs or downstairs where the event was being hosted. After my niece arrived (my wingman for the night.) I inquired about the event. When I told the barmaid why I was there, she looked confused. Apparently the event stopped being held at that location months ago. She asked was I sure the email was for yesterday and not an old one. I showed her the email and she just shrugged, let me tell u, I am so glad I didn’t register in advance like the email requested. I would have been out of 50 bucks (it was 24.99 per person).

So after a few cocktails, my niece and I take a stroll down South Street to check out the happenings. We end up at a hotel bar and guess what I met the nicest guy. After a few more cocktails we head down to a local nightclub. Drink some more and my niece leaves me alone with NG. After I crash a bachelorette party, stealing two boas and remembered just in time that I was a klutz. That prevented from taking a trip to the emergency room because just beforehand I was considering doing a pole climb on this stripper pole in the night club.

I had good night and NG put me in a cab after giving me a good night kiss. I spent today texting him on and off. So, I didn’t meet anyone during the scam speed dating event but I did meet a groovy guy (yeah I said groovy). Did I mention he doesn’t live in Philly? He lives in NC, about an hour from Myrtle Beach. For now I don’t have to worry about the relocation conversation I was worried about before, at least not with this guy. He comes to Philly often and says he wants to see me when he’s in town.

For today, I’m happy and that’s all I can ask for because tmrw’s not promised.

Love and Later Days,



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