NG update…

In my blog Speed Date update, I told you about NG. Well as optimistic as I was, I was really expecting never to hear from him again. I kind of thought he was someone I met that the Universe sent my way to remind me why I actually continued to date even though most guys I have met over the last few years were assholes. Basically to keep me from spending the rest of my life in a bathrobe covered in potato chip crumbs. Glad to see I was wrong. After he returned to NC, I received a text from him which said “have a great weekend.” What I saw was “have a nice life.” Then Monday he was right back to texting me again.

Yesterday he texted me to confirm our date for next Wednesday when he comes back to Philly and to make sure it was alright if we had a late dinner, his flight lands at 8:30, that’s awesome because if I go out I prefer to do it late at night when my mom is in bed and my kids have settle into their rooms for the evening.

Looking forward to going out with NG. Now I need to figure out what to wear.

Love and Later Days,



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