In love???

You haven’t heard from me in a while for two reasons. One – my father passed away last week.  Everyone keeps waiting for me to freak but truthfully, my Dad passed away in 2007, back when he had the stroke that he never recovered from. I knew back then we would never play cards together again, go out for beers or share a joke, all that was left was my father. So his passing last week didn’t really come a big shock or maybe it did and I didn’t come down off it yet.

Then there’s number two – I just started seeing (not seeing) someone recently, it’s been about a month. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s real or not. He grew up with us and he told me last month that he has been in love with me for 10 years.

I talk to him everyday (as I always have). There have been no promises made, no plans. I know that I’m going to move to SC because my father was the only holding my family here. So I have no visions of granduer that he and I will live happily ever after. Just that I am happy. Happy right now, happy today. Between his schedule, Sandy and now snow, I don’t think I will see him anytime soon. Which sucks but it’s okay.

Love and later days,


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