Do men even pursue women anymore…

Or am I living in the wrong town? I mean damn. It used be as a woman, I flirt, men flirt back. Numbers are exchanged and then he waited a day or two, not to seem eager and then the chase was on.  Now I flirt, he flirts, numbers exchange and… nothing, nada, zlich, zip, zero.  I mean wtf. If I make initial contact it still doesn’t make a damn difference.

Even if a guy shows interest, that doesn’t last long. I am currently, sort of, talking to about 3 or 4 guys. Only one has gotten to the dating stage and he lives in NC. We only text or talk when he is in route to Philly or actually in town.  Wtf is that?

It seems the most they want to do is come over for a movie. They never want to go out and do anything. Look I know the economy is dicked right now. I know about being tired. But come on ppl, work with me. Is it men are opting out of relationships and just going for the quick lay and that’s why there isn’t any pursuit? Once they realize that I want to go and actually be out in the world, go dancing and eat at resturants they decide I’m too much work and opt out for a chick willing to put out and cook for them at her home?

Idk, my guy friends are forever trying to hook me up with someone but what happens if it doesn’t go as planned? He has to hear the guy bitch about the hook up.

Fuck it, tired of thinking about it, I’m hitting the showers.

Love and Later Days,



7 thoughts on “Do men even pursue women anymore…

  1. if it’s any consolation…it’s like this for me in southern california (LA area)… :/

    it’s awful…i just feel that men don’t put all that much effort into dating anymore

  2. I feel the same – I thought it was just British men, it’s sad but nice to know its a global problem! My opinion is that men have become lazy and women have let it happen. I’m sure there are some gentleman still out there…… somewhere???? There has to be……..?

    1. I don’t think it’s just laziness. I think we have given off so many messages about what we want they just gave up trying to figure us out. For example, some women want to have their door held, some don’t. A lot of women are screaming from the mountain tops that they don’t need a man, so they figure why bother. Women like me who want to be courted get treated like we are too “complicated” or needy.

      Sucks that you’re having the same problems and scary too.

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