Soul sucking bastards…

I have been having, what I have been calling, a fire sale. For those of my followers not from the US or not old enough to remember, a fire sale is what businesses had when they were closing a store for good. Basically everything must go. The store owner sales everything at a discount to make as much off their merchandise as possible. In my case I am getting rid of things and ppl who are of no value to my life.

If I have someone in my life that takes more than they bring to my life, they have to go. I am starting over. Clean slate. My mistakes and short comings will not be moving with me to SC. I am walking away from my extended family on both my mother and father’s side. I am walking away from my exhusband and daughters’ father. I am walking away from pain, anguish, heartache, trials and tribulations. I am starting over and to do this, I have to leave the ppl who have hurt me here. I am slowly forgiving them but I will not bring them with me.  I will change my phone number the day before I leave and leave no forwarding address.

I’m done. *drops mic and walks off stage.*

Love and later days,



2 thoughts on “Soul sucking bastards…

  1. In SC now. Hope your moving to a part of the state you will enjoy. Some parts great, some good, some are soul sucking. Be well, blessings.

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