Spelling errors in text…

We have all done it. We’re in a rush and texting/posting/emailing like a crazy person. Maybe multitasking we’re talking on the phone, screaming at the kids, trying to cook dinner and upon rereading a text/email/post u see with horror u used the wrong “to” or the wrong “there”, maybe misspelled a simple word. Ran two words together. That’s normal and not what this post is about.

It’s almost 2013. Who’s mobile device doesn’t come with auto correct? Who’s version of WORD doesn’t have spell check. I can see it occasionally but it chaps my ass to see the same spelling errors in print that I see all the time from the same people, even after I have corrected it in my response.  You can tell the ppl who this shit bothers. No, it’s not just me. There is a gang of us. 

You know who we are… We are the ones who text you and upon realizing our error, in our comments or another text, send the message back with the word corrected. We repost it correctly or simply put the correct spelling between two asterisks (my personal favorite).

It’s like nails down a black board when I get a text from guy who is interested in me, with misspelled words in the message. I know crazy.
However, as crazy as it is remember I am not the only one, as I said there is a gang of us.  So, I implore you, one horrible speller to another. Use http://www.m-w.com, dust off your old dictionaries, use auto correct and spell check because if you don’t, we will track you down and make you right the word 100 times.

Love and later days,



2 thoughts on “Spelling errors in text…

  1. oh man, i totally relate to this! spelling and grammatical errors irritate the crap out of me! I mean, I know I’m not perfect but it’s so easy to spell check nowadays! Or at least take a few extra minutes to read through what you’ve just written to make sure it’s correct

    1. I know as a woman or maybe as just being me. When someone is careless about such things, I feel like it’s linked to how u feel about me. I feel the same if someone is late to pick me up on a date. You didn’t care enough to spell check a message u were sending to me, you didn’t care enough to pick up a phone and say I will be late. Would u do that if you were interviewing for a job? Would u come in with a wrinkled shirt or dirty suit? Things and ppl u care about or want to get to know better, I would think, you would try to present them with your best self.

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