PSA for dating Kay…

With my move looming on the horizon. I figure I would use this platform to send out a Public Service Announcement for the men of Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas to keep the men from getting their feelings hurt.  I have recently discovered that I have a few male readers from the SC area.  I figure they could spread the word.

My exboyfriend (Big Guy) and I have been in talks, sounds like a United Nations summit, during these talks I have found out he got married earlier this year and said marriage isn’t working out and he wants to reconnect. He’s a good guy and all but I’m nobody’s mistress. Regardless of the fact that they aren’t living together. I have told him for the immediate future we aren’t going to pursue a relationship until after his divorce is finalized. In the interim, I am not putting my life on hold while he straightens his life and affairs out. So I will be dating. Not sitting on my hands or waiting around my apartment for “things to work out”.

Now that u have the back story… on with my PSA. For shits and giggles I have turned it into a poem, enjoy.

When getting ready for a first date
please remember not to be late

If you don’t want to spend the evening alone. Remember to shit, shower, shave and don’t use too much cologne.

Make sure before seeing me, to get your hair cut. And remember to keep your hands to yourself and not to stare obviously at my boobs and my butt.

Other women in the room please act as if you don’t see. Pretend when we are together, the only woman in the room is me.

On a first date I don’t discuss politics, religion or sex. And please don’t spend too much time bashing your baby mom or babbling about your ex.

If you remember all of this, show me respect and be a gentleman in all that you do, we will more than likely schedule date number two.

Hope I gave you a laugh.

Love and later days,



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