Whole lotta shaking going on…

Well I have gotten back into the swing of things.  I finally contacted Eagle Crest. I contacted them to get information on Home Health Aids and Medical suppliers for my mom’s hospital bed. I had him mail me the info for the VA. It takes the VA time to get paperwork in order. I want them now, that way if they are asking for documentation that I need to get, I’ll know before we move.  Oh did I mention I have a tentative move date of March 1st. 

I have to pick up the girls school records, I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get everything together. To be honest, I like keeping busy. I started cleaning out my closet today.  Damn I have a lot of crap that needs to be thrown out.

I talked to the realtor today, she’s confident that she can find what I’m looking for… Three bedroom, two bath in a good price range.  I’m getting excited again. Since I can do nothing but wait for the court’s guardianship decision I figured I would throw myself back into the move.  It’s working. I am sleeping at night again.  I feel like cooking again. I’m starting to feel like myself.

Love and Later Days,



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