That’s what they’re not getting…

People are under the assumption that my move to Myrtle Beach, SC is me snatching up my family and running away from Philly and any problems I may have here… not so.  I’m actually running toward something.  A better future for my children, more freedom for me, a slower pace, less (street) drugs, more quiet.  The latter being the most important. Anyone who lives or have lived for an extended period of time in a Metro/Urban/City setting knows there isn’t any quiet. (I used all terms because frankly I don’t know which one is being used at the moment). There is constantly the sound of police, fire or EMS sirens. The sound of cars, trolleys, trains or buses. The sound of horns honking, neighbors arguing, having fun or having sex (it’s like living in a transient motel), people speaking loudly on their mobiles while walking down the street. Just noise 24/7.

The schools have more extra curriculum activities. Your kids can play outside with no real threat of shootings. Twice last year someone ran through my youngest daughter’s elementary school with a weapon, it is so common they have a code for it (red) and have drills for it (the teacher is to cover the windows to the hall and turn out the lights).

My mom will be around Seniors her own age and get to socialize (because it’s not safe in this area, I don’t take her outside because I can’t get her back inside safely and quickly enough).

And with my mom living alone I get to spend more time with my daughters.  The change is good for all of us.  This move has been almost 5 years in the making, although it isn’t the way I wanted (my dad with us) it’s still going to happen. Everyday I get a little more excited and a little sadder, not because I am leaving the city I loved for so long (before it completely went to hell) but because we aren’t in SC yet.

Love and later days,



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