The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

No truer statement has ever been made.  I try not to intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings. I have teeth mark scars on my tongue that will be on there forever because I bite my tongue constantly to prevent me from saying the wrong thing. Not the bullshit wrong thing, I mean the shit you say about people that irk u only to your special gossip person. I know I say some things that maybe I should keep to myself but not the things I should really keep to myself or shouldn’t be saying at all.  Things like “his penis is so small he should get a disability check”, “did u see how ugly that kid was? She know she better pray that kid is smart.” or “does she only own fun house mirrors in her house?” You know the mean girl shit.  That’s why I blog, lol.

Here lately my filter has been acting up. Malfunctioning, if u will. Well not actually malfunctioning per se more like, I haven’t been turning it on… at all. Normally, when I’ve had a little too much to drink, I turn it down but it has never been off like this before because as I stated earlier in this blog it is never my intention to hurt someone’s feelings. However, I must tell you it has felt good to say fuck off. It has felt good to tell someone I wish his penis was as big as his ego, hell as big as his index finger and I like the way it feels to say no, repeatedly.  No I don’t have any cigarettes, no I don’t have any alcohol so you can have a drink, no I won’t watch your kid/grand kid. Just no, no, no, NO. And it feels great! This selfish shit is awesome. I’m loving it. For one thing u have more free time.  I have fulfilled all of my 2012 obligations, everything I promised I would help with this year I have done. Now with 2013 approaching I have no intention of creating new obligations… making new promises because although I said I would help these folks, although I made these promises, all of this happened before my life started going to shit.  The people I made the promises to never thought to ask someone else and I don’t break promises or do work half-ass. So I kept my word, finished a couple of projects, wrote a couple letter’s to a couple of judges on folks behalf and now. I’m done. I hope everyone got what they needed from me, I hope I have helped more than I hurt and I hope that people appreciated my sacrifices and if they didn’t, well, FUCK em.

Told you my filter was off :/

Love and Later Days,



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