I grew up in a house that was always busy even though it was only four ppl, later five with the addition of my adopted brother, who I recently dated (blog for another day). My parents always had ppl around them.  People were always at our house. My parents always had alcohol in the house, until I was 14, my sister was 17 and my brother (ex boyfriend – not really but can’t think of another title for him) had moved out of the house, my mom cooked breakfast/lunch/dinner everyday and they loved to entertain, even though they owned their own business and worked everyday, there was someone always in the house. ALWAYS. That is why once I got my own house I rarely had company.  I had occasional dinner parties and later had stripper shows (to earn extra money) but I pretty much kept from having ppl in my house because I like quiet.

When my mother moved in with me her friends followed. One likes to visit EVERY Saturday.  The other just pops up and both those broads are loud. My neighbor has taken a liking to me and she is loud as shit and loves drama. Since she has lived next door I can not think of one day that she wasn’t over there cussing and fussing. She loves the drama that circles her life. The day I found out my father passed away, she came over and was talking about her ex which caused my daughter, who was close to my dad, to go ape shit.  She is a selfish and opportunistic person. Before I was very willing to help her out because she has a disability. Now I have been removing myself from her. Mainly because she has taken to coming over my house every damn day. If my kids tell her I’m sleep. She walks past them and wakes me up. If I am on the phone when she comes over she starts talking as if I’m not. She is just too extra.  I’m looking forward to my move just to get some got damn quiet and peace. 3 months can’t fly by fast enough.

Love and Later Days,



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