I just need HELP!!!

I’ve been taking care of my parents medical needs for so long, it has never occurred to me to figure out what to do when they passed away. I know crazy and I was in full on denial but I didn’t know it would be this crazy or this damn complicated. I thought like most ppl, you died, the undertaker takes care of everything and then you’re done. You know why I thought that and why most ppl think that? Because after a person dies, everyone leaves you alone after two weeks. I didn’t know I would get the run around. No one helps, no one. Idk whether my mother is entitled to his insurance because he was retired when he passed away.  Idk who to talk to about it, just to call the VA but who the hell do I call at the VA.

I have to get guardianship of my mother because my parents were married, my sister and I aren’t considered next of kin, my mother is and she can’t speak or understand anything other than simple sentences right now. Smh.

The ppl who are supposed to help you don’t listen long enough to know what you need, so they give you partial answers. In the last few weeks I have barely had time to wash my butt and when I do get time, I have to take a quick 15 min one or I’m too tired.

If any of my readers have been through this process, please send me a comment or email me kadams12777@aol.com

I’d appreciate any help anyone could provide.

Love and Later Days,



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