Tired of bitching…

But I am also tired of ppl acting like they don’t understand what the hell I’m saying.  Let me break down my schedule and u tell me if I’m lazy or if the ppl in my life are being inconsiderate…

6am – get daughters out the door for school (hair, check uniforms, breakfast)

6:15 – get water ready for mom.

6:20 to 6:45 – wash and dress my mom.

6:45 to 7:30 ish – cook my mom’s breakfast, clean her up after breakfast and move her from her nex to a chair. Give my mom her meds.

7:30 to 9:00 – clean up after breakfast, dress my mom, (change her again if necessary), mop the kitchen, dining room (where my mom sleeps) and living room. Wash down her mattress. Wash her linens and clothes.

9am -12 return any phone calls, make any calls for Dr’s appointments, schedule pick ups and drop offs for Dr. visits, place any calls for the kids (dr. appointments, class trips etc.)

12 to 1p make mom’s bed, move mom back to her bed and try to get her to take a nap. If I am successful I get to take a shower and clean my room. Decide what’s for dinner and start defrosting whatever that might be.

1pm fix lunch (after I figure out what is for lunch).

3pm kids arrive home and so does any homework, projects and papers that need signing.

4p start dinner.

5:30 eat dinner and start the kids getting ready for school.

6pm evening meds for mom.

7 -8 p get mom ready for bed.

8 try to get myself ready for the next day.

2am bedtime for me.

Now that is an average day, without therapy (she has some sort of therapy everyday). Without a Dr. visit (her primary comes to my house, all other Dr appts I have to travel away from home via ambulance to and from). Imagine that with the phone ringing nonstop. When I get her down to take a nap and someone decides to just stop by for a visit and the knocking at the door wakes her up or they stop by while I am trying to clean my damn house and they want to “visit”. Yup because no one thinks they need to call because when they stop by I’m not doing anything. You know why I’m not doing anything? Because their damn visit or phone call stopped me from doing any number of things. My neighbor gets insulted when I have the audacity to continue changing my mother, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom or my room and not stop to listen to her bitch or belly ache about her ungrateful and disrespectful fucking kids (who are 20 and 14) or her loser exgirlfriend who keeps jerking her around and she keeps allowing to do so. She doesn’t even like it when I continue to talk on the phone or continue to text, even though, she stopped by unannounced and I was doing these things before you popped by.

People get mad because I don’t stop lifting, changing or cooking for my mother to answer the damn phone, even though they know they don’t want shit.  Not to mention I barely hear the words, “how are u doing?” How are your kids, how’s your mom?”

So what do you think, am I being a bad friend or do I just know a shitload of inconsiderate assholes.  Sorry to go on for so long.

Love and Later Days,



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