What. The. Hell???

Yesterday, as you know, marked my return to the real and cyber world.  Since I decided to take the day off Saturday, (you know because I’m a mean, selfish, lazy bitch), I was returning some calls and texts to ppl who had their rude hat on.  Oh boy, did I get a pleasant reception (sweet sweet sarcasm, how I have missed using you).

Anywhosal, I got everything from guilt to fake guilt to fake concern for my safety.  How do I know it was fake concern, you ask? Because if it were real concern, the person would have actually let me answer the question, “…is everything alright?”before talking about herself again. I find that some ppl have to “talk themselves out”, what I mean is they have to talk until they are just tired of talking.  I heard her before I saw her, I could hear the entire conversation.  There was nothing to be added, however, within 45 here she was talking a blue streak about the same shit.  Knocking at my door.  Oh, you thought the conversation was being held in my home, Silly rabbit… No, it was held outside my home about 150 feet away from my front door.  They were outside and I was in my bedroom with the windows closed.  Yupper, the conversation was that loud. Basically, she’s mad no one can go with her to court for support. Smh, don’t even want to put my fingers through the stress of typing out that madness.

Anywhosal, back to me. Talked to Big Guy last night until about 3am. He was kind of pissy too Saturday, some of the reasons are because it touched on some issues we had in the past, others his own separately. Eh, it’s all good in the neighborhood.  We talked about it some, the night ended with me singing a bunch of commercials I remembered from when I was a kid and telling him about when I took my sister’s Michael Jackson and Brooke Sheilds dolls and popped their heads off and switched them.  The dolls would forever be know in our household as Brooke Jackson and Michael Sheilds. (if you had to Google or Bing them, you are too young for my posts). Why not replace the doll heads?  Because I had to cut the back of Brooke’s head to get it on Michael’s neck, resulting in Brooke Jackson having no neck, lmao.  My sister hated my ass for weeks. I laughed all the way through that story letting me know two things, one I had the sleepy-ha ha’s and two, if I were born in the late 80s or early 90s they would have heavily medicated my ass as a kid, lol. 

Anywhosal, I figured out yesterday me and Big Guy still have some talking to do because I’m hearing certain expectation peppered throughout our conversations that causes a little concern because I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings over pissy communication.

Who knew me going radio silent and getting some rest for the day would cause so much shit.  That means I am giving up waaaay too much control in my relationships, most of the ppl I know have boundary issues, it was a constant struggle keeping them in check before but during my rough patch at the end of 2012, a lot of folks took advantage of it. If I disappear for 12 to16 hours and ppl go apeshit like that… That means they have been taking a lot of control over our relationship and they were pissed they lost that control. I know I haven’t been myself lately but shit, I must have been sleep at the wheel for ppl to react the way they did Saturday.

Well off to say the world.

Love and Later Days,



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