2013 is just swell so far…

You don’t know how I brought in the New Year because it will be identical to how I celebrate my bday. I won’t be doing a damn thing, lmao.

I am still on schedule with the March move. For those of you who may be thinking like the normal ppl way (it’s three long months away) need to adjust your thinking to the KayWay of thinking (it’s only 7 short weeks away). Ah, now you see why I’m stressing. I still have shit to throw out and paperwork to finish. School records to get, find an (another) apartment. The only good thing is I don’t have to go furniture and food shopping until after I move. We will be sleeping on air mattresses for a week, give or take.  In other words, I have a shitload of things to still get done, so it’s time to delegate some duties. I have been in tighter jams with less time to deal, we’ll be fine but I will be cranky and sleepless until “fine” appears.

There are still folks who think I’m not going anywhere but that’s because they haven’t been paying attention.

Love and Later days,



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