Ahhhhhh! Okay, I’m better now.

I want to clean my house and take a shower. I wasn’t able to do either things yesterday.  It’s quiet right now, so I might do it today.

I have to call the funeral home again today and my State Representative’s office about these damn death certificates. If I miss a deadline and I’m not able to get one of my dad’s benefits because of they’re negligence, this blog’s title will be changed to Rich Fun Philly because I am going to sue their ass off.

In other news, I thought of the name I will be Christening this blog with when I move. It will be called The Shag. The double meaning is that name is slang for sex and it’s the state dance for SC. I know I’m awesome.

What else is going on you ask? I don’t know if you can take it but I finally got Bad Piggies to download to my phone. Oh yeah, my luck is changing. Bad Piggies is a new game for your mobile from the Angry Birds ppl. This time you play as the pig instead of the pissed off birds. I know, right. Later today I will have another battery sucking, time consuming, memory draining, pointless game on my phone. Woo who!

Well that’s all. Lucky for me, I don’t think I can take anymore excitement.

Love and Later Days.


This took it’s time publishing so I can finally *I did get that shower btw*


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