Deleting old profiles…

I have a profile on and (I lied a little on okcupid and said I already live in Myrtle Beach because I thought I would be there by now). Anywhosal, I have decided to take them both down for the time being.  I’ll put them both up again after the move.  Well, maybe… Idk if I want to go back to OKCupid, there isn’t too much variety.  In the meantime, I will be drafting my new profile. I also need to check out this bar I heard about online. This place supposedly has two sister bars and you can become a member. After you pay a small fee, there isn’t (supposed to be) any cover charge and your VIP service is included in all three bars. Sounds promising but I worked in Sports and Entertainment, most of the time when there are promotions and memberships involved, it’s usually because an item or product isn’t moving well and they use memberships and promotions as a way of making you feel special and like you’re missing something, boost sales and make whatever product or event seem more “top shelf” than it actually is… So they could be doing the membership thing to get more folks in their bars/clubs not just because they would value me as a customer.  A few trips should tell me all I need to know. If everything checks out, it’ll be a great way to meet new folks, primarily open up my dating pool.

Myrtle Beach, like Philly, is a tourist spot because of this during the Summer months I will probably go out more because of the ppl who come from all over the US to golf and the guys who come down for bike week. That’ll open up the dating pool some. Not looking to meet Prince Charming anytime soon, just be around men again, hell adults again and not discuss medicine or what my kids are up to, no boy crazy stuff or anything about anime.

I am closing in on my 6 week mark and trying to pray more and worry less. I go to bed at night trying to just focus on one thing at a time, so far so good. I haven’t had a need to have alcohol induced sleep in a week.  When I get anxious like this I could go days without sleep unless I have a couple of shots first.  I remember one move a few years back had me so anxious I was afraid I might need to go to AA after I returned the Uhaul truck, Smh.  That’s all for now.

Love and Later Days,



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