Six weeks to go and still no damn death certificates…

Somebody dropped the ball at the funeral home and they’re more interested in covering their asses than they are about resolving the issue. 

I have been a desk jockey long enough, over the years, to know things get filed incorrectly, forgotten about under piles of paperwork or too many deadlines and even accidentally thrown away.When this happens everyone plays “duck and cover”.  A few weeks ago, I would have been pist but now, almost 3 months since my father’s passing, I’m out for blood. I am going to report them to their equivalent of the BBB (I think it’s called the Funeral Association, I need to do more digging to be sure if that’s the correct name). 

I tried reasoning with them, explaining it’s not just about the fact that I can’t file for his benefits or probate his estate… It’s more about my family not being able to get closure, grieve and move on because of this unfinished business looming, like a dark cloud, over my family’s and my head.  I’m begging and pleading with them to fix this almost daily. I’m reliving my father’s death everyday because of this and at the same time worrying about being evicted because I have no money. I have to worry about something else getting shut off. I have to borrow money to get my mother’s medication and the longer it takes to get his death certificates the longer it will take to receive my mother’s benefits and until this is settled we can’t truly grieve and begin to heal. This is ludicrous and they are heartless for putting my family through this, smfh.

I’m angry as hell. I’m trying to keep my temper in check because once I blow up and start cursing people out, they will more than likely slow down even more but at this point what do I do? What moves do O make? Who do I speak to to get this resolved. Meanwhile, it looks like (from the outside looking in) I dropped the ball or that I’m not following through.

Today my aunt and I were talking.  She asked, I’d there wasn’t a death certificate, how was he crema


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