Guess who’s back…

Hey! Missed me? I missed you.  I have been away but thinking of you all.  I have a few weeks left in Philly, thank God because any longer and I would make the damn news.  I have been pretty much avoiding ppl over the last few weeks. Mainly because a lot of folks like to piss in my Cheerios. I have been asked about three times today where I will be staying, as soon as I say 2 blocks from the beach someone is quick to point out Hurricane season. Even someone who is supposed to be happy I’m coming to SC.

Anywhosal, I have done it.  I have reactivated my Okcupid and accounts.  Not hoping to meet Mr. Right.  I just haven’t met anyone new in about a year.  I would like to just go out on a couple of dates. Get my feet wet.  I want to put on my makeup. Do my hair. Have a door held for me, my cigarette lit.  I get tired of being treated like a girl, that’s a friend instead of a girlfriend.  I know it’s my fault because I have always been comfortable with guys and it’s real easy to let my inner tomboy come out whenever I feel comfortable with a guy I like…  I have been working on it.  One of the ways I will be combating my inner tomboy is by buying some new lingerie. Hard to feel like a tomboy with a silk and lace covered thong going up your butt, lol.  I’m not saying I plan on playing any games or pretending to be something I’m not, I’m just saying I want the guys I’m going out with (yes I said guys, plural, more on that later) to get to know me before I start spewing off NFL facts and stats.

Kay’s rules for dating. I don’t believe in dating one person at a time. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a person and force feelings on someone, if they’re the only person you’re seeing.

I don’t believe in lying about dating more than one person. However, I normally only bring it up if he asks.

I don’t believe in monogamous relationships unless we have both agreed to it, discussed and decided it’s what we both want. He has to know that getting into a long term relationship with me means you intend to marry me one day. Otherwise what’s the point? Why not continue to date? Because you don’t want me sleeping with any other man? News flash, it doesn’t work. Why jump from one relationship to the next? We get together and stay together until one of us gets bored. No thanks.

So, I put myself back on the market. Looking through’s line up before I decide whether I will be paying for a membership.  I really think I won’t pay until next month when I’m completely relocated. I want to go to their mixers and “stirs” (I think they call them) which will be difficult here in Philly since I’m registered with my zip code in SC.  I figure since I’m paying extra for that feature, I want to use it. I think I will do better with those features anyway because I come off better in person than I do online anyway. I want to put on a pretty dress, dangling earrings,some high heels and drink some colorful cocktails, while holding a pretty clutch bag. Even if I don’t meet anyone, I will be outside! No talk about medications, school, bickering between two teenagers, no talk of moves, nada. Just me being a grown up.

Looking forward to it…

Love and Later Days,



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