So what are we doing that millions of Americans aren’t???

Everytime I see a Eharmony, Match or Chemistry commercial it says that millions of ppl find true love online dating. They say 5 out of 6 marriages start with online dating. Well what are they doing that me and countless other women aren’t doing. Are they getting script writers for their profile? Are they getting professional photos taken instead of random mobile pics?  Are they taking pics of themselves at church holding their bibles instead of a cup at a holiday party? Are they bribing their online suitors or kidnapping and duct taping them until they agree to a second date or long term relationship? What are these 5 chics doing that I’m not? I have to be the 6th chic and so do a bunch of other bloggers and friends I know. Maybe I’m the 6h chic because I don’t say I’m looking for a LTR. Idk, any thoughts?

Okay, I’m finished ranting. Seriously though, I forgot how addictive it can be to sign up on these sites. After posting you are waiting for your intro to be approved. You get excited whenever you see you have a new notification, only to find some perv asking “do you give head?” (true story, I got that gem yesterday).

Day one and frustration has begun to set in all over again. If there is one of my readers who knows how to write an awesome, message inducing profile, please advise. Smh.

Love and Later Days,



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