The countdown has begun…

Did you miss me? Lol. I have been a little busy preparing for this move. Finally getting ready to go, just awaiting the financial part of this thing. Oh, did I mention I have no where to live when I move in less than 30 days?

The idea of leaving Pennsylvania for good has my family excited and ready to go.  I notice as we get closer to our move date my daughters and I are becoming increasingly impatient with all things Philly, specifically, the people.  My daughters’ frenemies are annoying them like crazy.  I’m noticing my home telephone ringing less and less as my daughters pull away from their friends in anticipation of making new ones. My mobile only rings when it has something to do with the move.  I have stopped answering my home phone because it mainly just rings to receive faxes or sales calls.  I have stripped my home of luxuries like call waiting and cable. We are reading and spending more time together because people are sick of hearing about our move. Although we are going along with our normal activities (my youngest still goes to cheerleading practice and my oldest still goes to ROTC meetings) our heart truly isn’t in it, we do them to pass the time.

We have internal countdowns going on, thinking constantly about what we will be doing this time next month.  Preoccupied with daydreams about shopping and decorating. I doubt any of us will be able to sleep the last few days preceding the move. 

I have been constantly making lists to make sure I don’t forget anything and then remembering something else to add. There is nothing left in my living room except my treadmill. I have two frying pans, one stock pot and one sauce pan because I threw out all other pots, pans and my living room furniture.

I’m giving the kids a pizza party, while they were making their lists of friends, I realized I don’t have anyone here I want to say goodbye to in person, except maybe my daughters’ father. I think about all the folks who were in my life over the years and I either have been betrayed by them or feel like they have let me down and I don’t have them in my life anymore.  Because I don’t go out, I haven’t made any new friends in years. Strange it doesn’t bother me… I know


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