I feel like I need and AARP card and a stroller…

I have a few fellow bloggers who are dating online, they’re all seeming to have the same problem, older men chasing them… Me, I’m having the opposite problem, I have a bunch of adolescents chasing me. Every email I have gotten has been from boys who haven’t started shaving yet. With my oldest daughter being 16, a 20 year old isn’t all that appealing to me. He’s four years older than my daughter and 16 yrs younger than me.  He has more in common with her than me. Why they would be chasing a woman my age is beyond me. Idk, you guys figure it out let me know.

Love and Later Days,



7 thoughts on “I feel like I need and AARP card and a stroller…

  1. After becoming a follower to your blog I decided to check out OkCupid.. I’m not sure this was the best idea for me.
    I have all types chasing me except MY type. We’ll see! Love your blog..

    1. First thanks for the love, I can use all I can get these days.

      Second as far as OKC goes, I really don’t have a type of guy that I go out with… I try to keep my options open only because you never know. I’m not looking for Prince Charming or even a relationship right now for that matter. I want to date. I want to laugh and I want to have someone sit across from me telling me I am sexy and beautiful while flirting with me, lol. With any luck it will turn into that but if nothing else, I got a chance to get dressed up and a free meal with cocktails.

      If OKC isn’t for you try Match.com (I’m a member there too) I find that like with most things the more you pay the better the quality. Since OKC is free… Sometimes you get what you pay for, lol

      Please keep me posted on how you’re making out.

      Love and Later Days 🙂

      1. lol… Lord knows I have voices!! Yea, I think I might… I’m not advanced enough for wordpress though, Need to start smaller…

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