My house…

Well the Realtor called today. I got the house. I just need a month and a half’s rent to move in… I had 2700 in the budget for my housing. I have to pay 1275. I got the house if I want it.

So now we are just awaiting the money. Once that comes we are good to go. For that to come I need the letter from my mom’s doctor to send to the DoD and the a wait period of up to 30 calendar days.  Waiting on Social Security too. Not much longer thank God. Once I get my mom’s benefits straight I will feel better. I already signed her lease, after my Aunt takes a look at the condo for me and the girls, I will know what to do, either keep looking or send a deposit.  It’s in my price range and near the beach.

In other news, really trying to keep from paying for my membership to right now. I don’t want it started this soon. You know how guys online are. You talk for a out two minutes online and they wanna meet, unless they are willing to drive over 400 miles to meet me, so might as well wait.  I think my bday gift to myself this year will be a six month membership, that will get me to the Fall, if by then I haven’t met anyone either through the site or in person, I will cancel the membership and stop dating altogether for a while because apparently it won’t be the men I have dates with the problem, it will officially be me.

I’m excited about the move as you all know because you have had to hear about for the last few years from one degree or another, now it’s time. In preparation to this move I have been trying to loose 40lbs and grow my hair out.  My hair is coming along wonderfully. The weight, well you gotta actually break a sweat to loose weight, so not so much. I’m trying to think of a fast way to get this weight off but everything I think of… I don’t wanna do *whining and stomping my feet with my head thrown back* where are the donuts I can eat to make the fat burn off? I can’t take diet pills because, well, they could kill me. I have an enlarged heart and asthma. If there is asprin in them it could cause me to have an attack, the speed that’s in diet pills will make my heart work even harder than it has to already (twice as hard as a normal heart). When I said I was dying to be then, I didn’t mean it literal. I want to get this weight off though, it’s killing my back and knees. I wake up every morning sore (I lie and say it’s my bed’s fault), I would love any suggestions, other tan don’t eat, I barely eat as it is… My weight gain is from too many coronas in the last year and no exercise. Let me know if you guys hear anything.

Love and Later Days,


P.S. miss your comments!


2 thoughts on “My house…

  1. google “allergies and weight gain”…you say coronas led to the gain but if you have any allergies they could be making it hard to lose weight.

    great topics! keep writing

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