I started this, when???

This is my love letter to my followers. I wrote this blog to avoid taking medication for the voices in my head, lol. What happened next I didn’t expect. Ppl actually gave a damn about what I had to say, go figure. I can’t believe it’s been more than three years.

You were with me when I realized I didn’t, in fact, have drinking problem but a ppl problem.  Again when I wanted to start a business and when I went back to school.  You have been with me through 3 laptops and the death of my father. Now you listen to me bitch about this move, all with no judgement.  For that I love you dear readers. I follow your blogs and I’m tickled pink to find out I’m not actually nuts, thank you for that.

I’m a few weeks from moving to a new city and new men. I’m excited about going out again, getting my life back, actually brushing my hair and putting on clothes again. Hell, I’m excited about getting laid. I can’t wait to get the butterflies in my stomach again. I’m a little disappointed about Match.com not having “stir events” in or around Myrtle Beach but maybe that will change in a month or so… 

I’m a little disappointed that I will still be in Philly on April fools day but what can I do. I’m anxious to see my aunt and Big Guy. Anywhosal, back to you. I’m hoping the change in locations will put the Fun back in this Philly and you guys can go back to laughing at me enjoying my post.

Love, Later Days and thank you for listening.



2 thoughts on “I started this, when???

  1. LOL.. I feel like I’m reading my own words. You said something that struck me. That you don’t have a drinking problem but a people problem…
    I believe I had (have) the same issue. I used to have to drink to go out with new people, especially if it was a potential hookup boyfriend/girlfriend. Luckily, after the birth of my son I haven’t been able to drink but boy the voices say differently…..

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