Okie Dokie Match.com you’re up…

I have renewed my Match.com subscription.  I have looked at the upcoming Stir event and it’s not my cup of tea. It’s a mud run or something.  It’s not the mud that turns me off, it’s the running.  I used to run daily but here lately not so much.  Ok, not at all. 

I haven’t really used my account with Match in years other than browsing, now with Match’s new look, I feel like I’m visiting Mars.  I have a few winks but no one I see that makes me want to put on a push up bra and stilettos for four hours.  I’m a little confused by emails I received. I don’t know if they’re giving me clips of the person’s profile or if these are actual correspondances.  If they’re correspondances I have been receiving a LOT of form letter emails.  That’s not promising. 

Being as I will be meeting new men, check back and forth with my definitions page to know who the hell I’m talking about.  Wish me luck…


Love and Later Days,



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