Put on a damn shirt!!!

I’m tired of the shirtless selfie profile pics. I know guys are trying to grab attention but as my mother use to tell my sister and I, use your words.  Maybe in my twenties it might have grabbed my attention but now, I’m a grown ass woman. Show me that you can talk to me, that if we’re together I wanna know we aren’t gonna be watching cartoons and reality shows, eating McDonalds on a sofa supported by crates because you spend all ur money on weights, weed and supplements.

Send me a great guy, nice smile, and good job.  Respectful, not in a relationship who lives alone, preferably with grown kids who live in their own homes.  He should be able to carry a conversation but not be uncomfortable with silence. He’s able to be around strangers (because I like to travel and throw dinner parties) I want someone who can go out or stay in like to wear jeans or a tux. I don’t think that’s much to ask for, do you. I also need him to either like his job or be indifferent to it because I don’t want him bitching about his job every time we get together.

Okay, I think I’m done.

Love and Later Days,



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