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Wth are the stars for???

If you have ever used the dating site okcupid, you know about the part that allows you to rate profiles. The rating goes from one star to five. If you rate someone 4 or 5 stars and they rate you the same you get an automated email that says you like him, he likes you chat away.  Here’s my problem.  If I rate certain men with 4 or 5 stars, why do I keep getting sent pics and profiles from men who are the complete opposite.

My search criteria is men 38 to 50, race unimportant, single/widow/divorced/never married, 6′ to 8′, no drugs, in my profile I state ‘Don’t contact me if you speak sarcasm as a first or second language . Yet I’m getting 5’, married, unemployed, pot heads with sarcasm as their only language and after one email exchange want me to take my profile down because “I’m the One”.

Then there are the other guys who have marathon email exchanges. We laugh and talk all day. They ask for my number and then never call/txt. They get swallowed up by cyberspace. I swear it’s like someone is bumping off any guy who asks for my number, smh.

Love and Later Days,



Hello Lovies…

Despite the title of this post, this was initially going to be a very depressing post. I deleted it and wrote this one instead. In my faith it is believed you can claim what you want to be in your life. I chose not to have what I wrote in my life.

Unfortunately that doesn’t leave me much to write about. One of the guys who read my profile chose to confuse me. He wrote how he was happy the site was so open to transgender… wtf. Either he is or thinks I am, I guess.  He also let me know although he was married he was getting a divorce.  A peach. Am I the only one who closes one door before opening another?  He went on to say how he likes to shoot high calibre rifles with the lady in his life and rambled on about other odd things like although he believes sex is important, he prefers hugs. What?

So no, he wasn’t my Prince Charming.

Love and Later Days,