Hello Lovies…

Despite the title of this post, this was initially going to be a very depressing post. I deleted it and wrote this one instead. In my faith it is believed you can claim what you want to be in your life. I chose not to have what I wrote in my life.

Unfortunately that doesn’t leave me much to write about. One of the guys who read my profile chose to confuse me. He wrote how he was happy the site was so open to transgender… wtf. Either he is or thinks I am, I guess.  He also let me know although he was married he was getting a divorce.  A peach. Am I the only one who closes one door before opening another?  He went on to say how he likes to shoot high calibre rifles with the lady in his life and rambled on about other odd things like although he believes sex is important, he prefers hugs. What?

So no, he wasn’t my Prince Charming.

Love and Later Days,



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