Why do I still have dating profiles online???

Basically, I still stumble through internet and RL dating for the same reasons.  I believe he is out there.  There is no way in hell with the Billions of people on Earth I’m the only person still raised with values, morals, faith and a sense of accountability and responsiblity.

There has to be a lot of male counterparts.  I know I’m not damaged.  I know there’s nothing wrong with me other than my picker, that and the fact that most of the relationships I have had over the years the guy picked me, it wasn’t mutual.  Honsetly, I have been lazy in the past.  I think as we get older, men and women, we tend to look for our counterpart because who wants to get old alone?  The kids are older or grown, either way they have their own lives and little or no use for you.  Your parents are getting older and you start realizing their mortality which makes you realize your own.

I have no problems being alone, if that’s what’s in the cards for me but I’m damn sure not going to sit around on my hands and whine about it.  As I reorganize my life, I’m getting rid of folks who are not bringing joy to life, folks who sit back and watch while I struggle rather than lend a hand and the liars definitely have to go.

Just wanted to talk to you guys for a while, which is why I posted.  Hope you’re all doing well.  I am and I will keep you posted.

Love and Later Days,



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