I tried this site last night.  It was really cool until my system did some strange shit. A page took over my laptop!  It “said” I violated some federal code.  I was either engaging in or watching or sharing child pornography (I assure you I was not), or some other illegal activity and it shut my system down until I would take my broke ass to a select retailer (like 7/11) and paid 300 dollars for an unlock code.

 What I did was went to another login I had on my laptop and deleted my login and it’s files.  And created a new one.  Thank God, for the first time ever, I had backed up all of my files including the two books I have been working on.  I actually thought, in the mist of my panicked and sleep deprived mind that I would have to do a factory restore (I guess my IT degree is actually good for something other than collecting dust).

In other news, my “R” button is broken.  I never knew how many times the letter “R” appears in normal writing until I it broke.  How am I writing all of this without it?  I completely removed the key and am tapping the space it used to occupy.  Again something to grateful I received my IT degree which at the time I received it was called Computer Administrator Network Administration.  I had to know how to be a front end and back end user.  Fix both hardware and software. If you’re as bored as I am these days count all of the “R’s” in my post and see just how difficult it was to entertain you today, lol.

Love and Later Days, 



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