Guys truly only hear/see what they want to…

Funny how I say exactly what I’m looking for, the type of man I want to date and I get complete opposites who reply to my profile.  Either they’re delusional or just decide “wtf” let me try my luck.

I had some guy tell me he didn’t know what I was doing on the site because every guy on there was a loser. He either didn’t think to exclude himself or was letting me know what he thought of himself. My grandmother always said, “never deny a person when they tell u who they are.

Later today I got another message from him, it said something like, “Bella, are we going to get to know each other or are you going to continue spending time with these losers?”. I tell him no and tbh he comes across a little condescending and I wished him luck in his search.  He says you too with these losers! All caps. I would like to meet the guy who’s telling these guys that if you’re shitty to women, they’re more attracted to you. I want to find him and punch him in the face. 

In other news… Tips for the ladies, I got this Patti Stanger. When posting pics to your profile, make sure you put in a few body shots. All the headshot pics make it look like your hiding something.

Happy hunting.

Love and Later Days,



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