Two types of responses and I’m not interested in either …

Another thing slowly becoming a pet peeve of mine, and almost tied for first place with text with grammar and spelling errors, shitty email responses.

Not in the sense that they are mean or sarcastic but in the sense, there is no thought put into them at all. I send you a nice intro email, “Hi my name is Kay, I read your profile and I think it would be great to get to know you better. Tell me, when was the last time you went snowboarding/read a good book/ went to Napa (That part is edited depending on whatever it is you said you do for fun).  I close with something like, “hope to hear from u -K”.  After all of that energy I put into writing you I get “hi” or a damn “form” letter.  You know what I mean, the one that is prewritten and he just inserts your name. 

Why does this bother me? How am I to start a conversation with that?  At first I would think they weren’t interested, then later that day or the next I get another email. It says something like, “can I get your number to text you?”.  W-T-F.  It makes it hard for me to get to the “I wanna meet you stage”, mainly because I’m a girl, damn it.  Chase me.  I want to be pursued, feel wanted and sexy.  I’m not chasing a guy down in real life or online.

Okay, I’m  done (I think).

Love and Later Days,



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