Viewing dates through dork colored glasses…

If these guys would really take a good look at their profiles most of them wouldn’t put them up. 

I’m thirty-six, so my dating range is 35 – 50.  In that age bracket I don’t want to see profile pics with grown ass men in wife beaters and sagging jeans with work boats on. I want to see pics of grown ass men doing grown men things. Not a bunch of bar shots.  Can’t I see a pic of you at a wedding (preferably not his), a picture of you on a cruise or maybe bowling. Grown people things.

While we’re on the subject of grown men. Women, you need to pimp your game up.  If one more guy asks to come to my house and “chill” or talks about a buffet or restaurant that has a 2 for $20 or $6.99 meal like they’re talking about a five star restaurant, I will scream!  Why did I say women? Because if so many of you would stop making it so easy on these men, I wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Ok done ranting. Goodnight good ppl.  Happy hunting…

Love and Later Days,



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