I’m need a remedial class for Twitter …

Please don’t laugh.  I have been using Twitter for years but it was a sporadic thing.  I even deleted my account and had to create a new one at one point.   I tweeted maybe every few months maybe less. About once a year at one point.

Over the last year I have gone from tweeting several times a year to several times a day.  I now tweet via my smart phone, rather than my laptop, which means when new features appear, I don’t get a tutorial like when you upgrade from a computer.  Now I have no more of an  idea what some of the features are, than wtf they’re trying to say in these new stupid Burlington Coat Factory commercials.  Like wth is this damn “blue line” connecting two tweets.

Damn, I hope I won’t have to go any further than having to Google or Bing these damn features because I know damn well there is a “Twitter for Dummies” book out there some where and I refuse to buy it, not that I don’t need it, it’s just the principle.

Love and Later Days,



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