Now I remember why…

I always dated older men. In my twenties I dated men in their 40s. In my early thirties, I started dating men closer to my age, sometimes even younger.

I date older men because they usually have their shit together.  A man 20 yrs older than me normally has grown children and his parents have usually died.

What difference does that make? More time, more money and his only responsibly is to himself.  That means he can travel, court me (yes I said court), and has less “family” issues.  The down side, older men don’t really like to go out much and they don’t like to have sex as long or as much as I do and sometimes because they only have to worry about themselves, they tend to be selfish and pushy.  If they have kids they also have a tendency to treat you like a child and sometimes they’re a bit insecure because of the difference in age.

The upside, they constantly encourage you, they’re attentive, they appreciate good food, good music and quiet.  They appreciate a good woman because they have dated enough bad ones and gold diggers.  Did I mention normally drama free.  Their “yeses” mean “yes” and their “nos” mean “no”. They usually have the patience of JOB and their wardrobe consists of more than jeans.

Don’t get me wrong, there are wanna be players and old Mr. Youngs running around with Peter Pan syndrome but most of them you can smell before you see them. 

There are two right now buzzing around. One I’m not all that into… I think he’s trying to take me to church.  I wouldn’t mind if I knew him better but because I don’t, it unnerves me when he brings it up.  Sex, politics and my religious beliefs are private parts of me that I only like to share when I’m comfortable with someone.  I feel like he’s jumping the gun a little.  The other guy is kind of nice.  He did try the internet version of a very old and corny pick up line.  He wanted to know if he knew me from another site. He wants to meet, I’m not really ready for that yet. He has some business out of town this weekend so he wants to meet this week.  Maybe next week. 

When he asked me out, it reminded me why I like older guys.  He knew what day he wanted to go out.  Where he wanted to go, he sent me directions and the link to the place’s website.  It’s a place between our homes but he offered to come to a place that’s closer to my house if necessary.  He has three kids. Two in their twenties and his youngest is the age of my oldest.  I told him I’d let him know tmrw.  I probably won’t go but I like his enthusiasm. 
I’ll keep you posted.  I have to talk with him more to get a nickname for him.

Well I have to tweet my tweethearts before I go to bed.

Love and Later Days,



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