Monthly Archives: December 2013

Hey Gang…

You miss me? I’ve been busy preparing for this move which is definitely happening on Jan 10, 2014. I was supposed to fly out tmrw morning at 6am, paperwork is holding me back but they will all be here by the 27th of December, maybe sooner because of Christmas. Soon as I get it, everything will FINALLY be taken care of…

Did you ever notice a camera adds 10/15 lbs to a woman and takes 20 lbs away from a man?

Every asshole guy I have gone out within the last 6 months is 20 or more lbs heavier than his “recent” pic and he also seems to have less hair. I go expecting someone my age and meet his gotdamn grandfather.

Have u noticed your devices with longer battery life seem to always be at 3%?

Have you noticed that the morning news is like watching TMZ these days?

That is all my random thoughts for today. I know, I know…

Love and Later Days,