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Things your Mother should’ve told you but didn’t, part II…

A few years ago I published a post called “Things your mother never told you”… I should have posted the link to the post for those of you not familiar with it but I’m too lazy to do it. Check my archives it should still be there.  So for your reading pleasure, Part II…

1. There is no such thing as “Mr. Right”, only “Mr. Right for me”. Even after you realize this, you’ll probably continue looking for him until one day you trip over “Mr. Right for me” in Starbucks.

2. You’re going to lie to your children a million times before they’re grown and probably millions more afterward.

3. You’re going to have your heart broken an unknown amount of times, even after you meet “Mr. Right for me”.

4. The people who love you the most can hurt you the worst.

5. In the end everyone you love will leave you.

6. You’re only hope at happiness is to love hard, play hard, work hard, laugh hard and dance like no one can see you.

7. Hangovers suck.

8. Most ppl don’t know how to have great sex until they’re in their late 20s, early 30s.

9. Chivalry is dead.

10. Most women can only orgasm alone.

11. Only your mother thinks you’re a friggin genius.

12. Never miss a chance to say I love you, even if the other person never says it back.

13. Complain when you’re mistreated.

14. Learn to be flexible so you can pat yourself on the back because others will take your assistance, your ability and worth for granted, until you’re no longer in their lives.

15. Everyone should learn to read and speak at least one other language so you can always find a job.

16. Men suck.

17. Women do too.

18. You will still be cleaning up after some mistakes you made as a teenager, after more than 20 years of being an adult.

19. The things you don’t like in other ppl are probably traits, bad behavior and habits you have but are better at hiding.

And lastly…

20. Your adult life will become so cray cray you’ll have to write a blog about it 😉

Love and Later Days,